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Architectural Consulting Engineers, Inc. is registered with the Texas Board of Professional engineers to practice engineering in the state of Texas.

Benjamin M. Thompson, PE is a licensed professional engineer who has provided design engineering services for some of the largest residential and commercial structures nationwide. Mr. Thompson has engineered commercial structures in some of the world’s highest seismic zones in the state of California. Other project of note include the engineering design in hurricane prone wind regions like Palm Beach, Florida, and the Texas Gulf Coast. He has also provided engineering design service in heavy snow regions such as Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and several northeastern states.

Mr. Thompson is a proud alumni of the University of Texas of Austin and performed his postgraduate studies at the university of Texas in Arlington.  While at UT- Austin he worked for the Center for Transportation Research and Aviation Research Center. During his time with this organization, he was credited with publishing technical articles in concert with many world famous UT-Austin faculty members.

Structural Consulting is a specialized field and Architectural Consulting Engineers, Inc. believes it is our duty to the customer to stay abreast of all the structural standards and governing codes to provide our clients with the most cutting edge and cost effective design solutions, truly Excellence by design.  As a testament to this goal, Mr. Thompson was elected as the President of the Structural Engineering Association (SEAoT) Fort Worth Chapter by other practicing structural engineers in the DFW community. It was his honor to be the Master of Ceremonies at the 2014 SEAoT state engineering conference.  Mr. Thompson also sits as a state delegate to the SEAoT state board of directors.  His duties have included working with legislators and lobbyists while State Congress is in session to attempt to procure specialty structural engineering licensure to better protect the public safety and welfare of the public.  Mr. Thompson has sat on the Political Action Committee since 2009 and continues to work towards the betterment of structural engineering as a steward of the profession.

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